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Commercial real estate and businesses listing, sales and leasing. Buyer's and tenant's agency for office and retail spaces, development sites, NNN-leased properties, office and mixed use buildings, commercial condominiums, residential condominiums, parkings and warehouses. Pre-construction residential and commercial condominiums: listing, marketing, free buyer's agency. Secondary market residential condominiums: free buyer's agency. Assistance with commercial financing.

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What Real Estate is Absolutely Unique as an Investment?

Real estate is at the heart of almost any business. It's one of the most valuable tangible assets a family can ever own. It's the only asset that can be used for both business and residential purposes for many generations without substantial changes. All other tangible things in our life, which serve us for such a long time, are usually are of aesthetic value, like art works, musical instruments and other collectibles.

People of our Earth every year need a lot of new commercial, residential and community use real estate in order to perform business, travel and live. Major categories of these three types of real estate are: office, retail, manufacturing, residential, community use, resort and hospitality real estate. Existing real estate properties and parcels of land suitable for development are a finite resource which will run out soon. (People do not plan to live on the surface of the ocean or on the other planets in the foreseeable future.) That's why real estate is so unique.

Let's take a closer look into development opportunities in the most densely populated area of New York City - Manhattan. There are not so many ways to expand commercial and residential real estate in Manhattan. Either developers go up, or they go into the ground for parking and retail spaces. Some piers also represent, possibly, limited development opportunities. That's probably the reason why prices of real estate do not decline so much in Manhattan during downward trends as in many other counties of the USA. Air rights in Manhattan have become a separate merchandize item, and sometimes are being offered for sale to the owners of buildings in the radius where they can be utilized by developers. In my opinion New York City is a unique place to invest and live, and it looks like many people think the same way.


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Find Bargains and Avoid Mistakes!

You may call Alexander Belyayev Real Estate for a free consultation, or fill out the form on the Contact page and tell us about your request. We provide undivided loyalty to our clients. You will get a personal approach to your needs.

If you list your property for sale with us, we will provide an excellent exposure to the brokers' community and gladly split commission with the buyer's broker, if he/she procures a client and the deal consummates. This way you get much higher chances to sell or lease out your property or business quickly and at the best terms.

If you desire to locate and a acquire a property with a cash flow, a property suitable for your business, residential condominium, commercial condominium, development site, or to rent a space for your office, warehouse, parking, retail store, or to acquire an operating business, we will provide for you services of a buyer's agent, which in many cases is free for you, the buyer/tenant.

Why do you need a real estate broker, providing to you services in the capacity of your listing broker or buyer's agent? Definitely, you may consider to manage and solve all your real estate needs yourself, but seasoned and creative brokers may assist you with locating and evaluating properties, pre-screening potential tenants, negotiations, and also in many other aspects. You may review the page "Services", which might help you to decide if you need a broker. Utilizing services of professionals may help you to avoid costly mistakes and, sometimes, discover properties with great potential, which truly may be considered bargains.

For buyers looking to purchase residential or commercial pre-construction condominiums: you may visit the website to learn more about this type of real estate investments.

Phone +1 (212) 372-7335

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